F25 The Borderfont

F25 The Borderfont is a font to create borders, e.g. for a book label or for border of all kind of description. Please feel free to use it, e.g. for a T-shirt, for a bag, for a notebook, for textile printing or for any other appliance. 

The characters are a bit hidden in the patterns of each characters, so one can identify them only at the second, third or fourth glance. So one can create a border with a message or with some words without them being obvoius.

The 'space' key creates a pattern you can use for the border, the 'underline' key creates a real space.

F25 The Borderfont is created with fontstruct. You can download it there or you can download it on this website.

Please take note of the licence.


Text inside the top border of the label: 'F25'  /  Text inside the bottom border: 'Notebook'


F25 The Borderfont is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.


[Windows-TTF / works as well on Mac OS ]